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This page shares your messages of condolence and memories of a life richly lived following the sad passing of Academy Founder, Director and President, Sir Neville Marriner.

The Marriner family have been very touched by all the messages of sympathy from people reminding them how much fun it was to be with Neville.

Sir Neville Marriner

Read some of the kind messages below

  • Great people leave behind great sadness. With gratitude to the family for Sir Neville.

    Andrzej Nehrebecki
  • The Music always crying the disappeared of Sir Neville Marriner ... Your beautiful smile and Great love will accompany us until the last note played. RIP My Condolences to the family and musicians to St. Martin in the Fields.

    July Laguna Rodríguez
  • Dear Marriner family - Neville was such a big part of my twenties and thirties and influenced my development so much both personally and musically . He provided a real sense of family ,a mix of fun and hard work and an opportunity to grow amongst the very best players and musicians.Molly was ,of course Mum to us all ! We will all miss him and his good humoured professionalism but personally I feel I've almost lost a father - Those were great days in the 60's ,70's and 80's- with gratitude for all that and more - and sincere condolences to Molly,Susie and Andrew.

    Richard Studt
  • Lamento mucho la muerte de este gran maestro de la música, como fan del barroco he perdido un referente, descanse en paz.

    Emilio Javaloyas Gaudiza
  • We were deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Sir Neville. We have been inspired by him for many years on and off the podium. We will miss him greatly, and would like to send our condolences to Molly and the rest of the family.

    Rachel Ingleton and Gavin McNaughton
  • Shocked and saddened by the loss of Neville. But with deep gratitude and wonderful memories. I will always miss him. With love and sympathy,

  • he taught me to love classical music,when he was a musicmaster at eton college in 1948. i will be forever ggateful a gr eat teacher and a great man

    philip gooodman
  • As the weeks and months pass, the loss of Sir Neville becomes more and more acute. Such a kind, generous man, with a wicked sense of humour. I guess we all thought (or hoped) he was immortal.

  • I have so much to thank Neville for and now I feel that I never properly did.. Just can't believe that he has gone. But what an amazing life, lived to the full right to the end. An example to us all! My deepest condolences and warmest wishes to you all.

    Jenny Godson
  • I was so proud to be invited by Neville to be Associate Principal cellist of ASMF.As a student my ambition was to play for them maybe once.29 years later I can say how proud I have been to work for him, making so many records and concerts around the World.Also Neville & Molly were so kind to my close family.Thank you for everything.

    John Heley & Family
  • To the Marriner Family, my deepest condolences for the terrible loss. To this day I simply refuse to listen to anything other than the ASMF under Sir Neville's baton for much of the standard repertoire, particularly the famed Mozart recordings. And one of the greatest privileges in my musical career so far was playing First Violin in Dvorak, Schumann & Brahms symphonies with the Oxford and Cambridge Musical Club in London under his direction on three separate occasions. Memories of a 'fan boy' trembling inwardly in awe, in conversation with the icon he had grown up listening to are still vivid. The debt the world of classical music owes him knows no bounds. Thank you, Maestro, for setting the gold standard for everything you touched. Anupam Roy, Calcutta, India

    Anupam Roy
  • Dear Marriner Family, Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of Sir Neville Marriner. As a teenager, I was privileged to be exposed to the wonderful chamber music of Sir Neville Marriner and the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. In the 1980's, I was fortunate to see a live performance. Sir Neville Marriner's music will always remain. Gianna Bern Flossmoor, Illinois USA

    Gianna Bern
  • Such a full life, bringing so much joy and understanding to so many, and a truly lasting legacy. And we cherish memories of those occasions on which we were privileged to meet Neville - so much insight, so much gossip, so much fun!

    Elizabeth and Robert Bennett
  • I am from Japan. Because of Sir Neville Marriner, I fell in love with classical music. Because of Sir Neville Marriner, I realised that peace and beauty could still be found in certain parts of the world. With deepest sympathy, my condolences in Japanese

  • It was our huge privilege to attend Sir Neville's 90th birthday concert at St Martin in the Fields Church on our trip to London from our home in Australia and to shake the great man's hand. We have enjoyed listening to his music over many decades. He has had a remarkable influence on classical music appreciation over his entire lifetime. Thank you for the memories.

    Bruce and Miriam Lattimore
  • Sorry for your loss! So much talent in one individual music man.

    Larry Day
  • We in Melbourne remember Sir Neville with the greatest admiration, fondness and pleasure, as an individual and a musician. We miss him so much.

  • A great musician I had the pleasure to see many times in concert when I was in London. In France we would say: "Un grand Monsieur"

    Jean-Philippe Bernard
  • Just today I learned about this sad News. His work will never be forgotten The music owes too much to him Regards to the academy members and keep enjoying us with your concrets.

    Fernando Hurtado
  • I too am greatly saddened to learn of Sir Neville Marriner's passing. Because of his musical sensitivity, skill and inspiration, he is my favourite conductor and the Academy of St Martin in the Fields is my favourite orchestra. I am glad to have many recordings of this very special partnership, from the earliest recordings to quite recent ones, and have always enjoyed attending Academy concerts. I also remember Sir Neville as the President of the Oxford and Cambridge Musical Club, in which I had the pleasure of playing the cello for him in his inspiring and entertaining orchestral workshops, in which I always learnt something very useful to apply in future music-making. I shall always remember and cherish his brilliant performances, his inspiration and all I learnt from him, and his charm and humour. On learning of his passing, I said a prayer for him when leading my church choir rehearsal. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, the Academy and all others who admired, knew and loved him. He will be greatly missed.

    Julian Zerfahs
  • Such wonderful memories of tours across Germany with Sir Neville, ASMF and Academy Chorus. To be involved in music-making of such high quality was a great privilege and always so much fun with such a conductor! A rare man and greatly missed. If there are angels in heaven then Neville’s probably got them singing Mozart….

  • Sir Neville was a touchstone for all that classical music represents and his loss, both personally and professionally, is immeasurable.

    Caz (Los Angeles)
  • Gran pérdida para la música y para la humanidad. D.E.P. Un abrazo para todos los integrantes de S.M.I.T.F.

    Alvaro Alonso Ibeas
  • It was such a privilege to sing with the ASMF Chorus. Under Sir Neville’s baton, you always wanted to give of your best. A very sad loss, but also a life well-lived and an inspiration to so many.

    Liz Brinsdon
  • Even from Australia, you will be sadly missed, Vale.

    Gerard Fanning
  • Neville Marriner will continue to be in our thoughts for many years as we enjoy the many recordings he made with the Academy. He has lived a wonderful life giving pleasure to countless numbers of music lovers. Sincere condolences to the members of his family.

    Hans van Gemert
  • When I was younger, I was not especially fond of classical music, but I gradually became more interested in it and started listening to WQXR, the classical music station in New York City. Every now and then, the station would play a piece that truly moved me. Invariably, those works would be followed by an announcer saying "That was the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Neville Marriner conducting." To this day, the Academy is my favorite orchestra, and Sir Neville my favorite conductor. I have had the pleasure of attending Academy concerts conducted by Sir Neville, and I cherish those experiences. My loss pales next to what his family, friends, and Academy colleagues have lost, but he will be missed by a great many more people he touched with the beauty of his music. The Academy remains as a testament to his artistry, and I will continue to cherish that.

    Martin Fisher
  • Dear Members of ASMF Deeply moved and sad by this great loss. Mtro. Marriner will always be alive in our memories and through his recordings , an extensive legacy always present in our lives. Best wishes Alejandro Arnaiz

  • You and your Academy gave us a musical experience once in a life time. Thank you so much. Rest in peace.

    Renee van der Sluijs, Holland
  • The civilised world has lost one of its greatest workers... I'm so sad that mankind is empying of Great Masters.. Rest in Peace, Sir Neville.

    Manos, Athens

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