Emerging musicians

Supporting the next generation of brilliant, empowered musicians is core to ASMF’s mission. Our projects with emerging musicians nurture autonomy, creativity and talent development worldwide.

Our work supports emerging musicians at all stages of development, from chamber music projects with secondary aged students through to side-by-side projects with emerging professionals. This work is led by our players and takes place in the UK and as part of our international residencies. Through this, we amplify the unique principles of our ensemble and help those at earlier stages develop the skills to take part in player-led music-making.

In addition to our work with emerging musicians, we run a Front Row scheme, offering all young people exclusive opportunities to engage with the Academy.



Read our players’ reflections on their work with emerging musicians. 

Coaching Across Continents  The Importance of Music Education


Side By Sides with Southbank Sinfonia

For over two decades, players from the Academy have been mentoring the orchestral players of the future, working side by side with members of Southbank Sinfonia. This training ensemble provides performance and collaborative opportunities for young players making the transition from studying at a conservatoire to playing for a professional orchestra.

The Academy is Southbank Sinfonia’s chamber orchestra partner, and as such provides distinctive training for the young ensemble in the performance of chamber repertoire, communicating and working effectively as an ensemble, and making artistic decisions. The members work in the spirit of the Academy orchestra, performing without a conductor as a collaborative ensemble. The project promotes musical entrepreneurism and refines the fundamental attributes required of prospering ensemble musicians, ensuring that Southbank Sinfonia members are equipped for a career in the orchestral sector.

Image credit: © Evelina Hepp